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 Ultrasonic NDT

 Medical applications


 NEW: Ultrasound



Ultrasonic testing cards (boards)  -  will convert each PC into an advanced and versatile ultrasonic flaw detector or ultrasonic measuring device

Ultrasonic Pulser & Receiver

Ultrasonic testing box


Power ultrasound system

Description of a device and software for precise sound velocity measurement

Description of software for measurement of time of flight, phase velocity, dispersion, attenuation of sound and     impedance of materials

NEW: Viscosity measurement system

Sonar systems; Water depth measurement system WDMS


Ultrasonic Transducers (probes)

Vibration measurement with ultrasound

Height of hard palate







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Software for OPKUD 01/100




 Software for OPBOX 01/100

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 Software for OPBOXex 01/100

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 Special Software

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Fingerprint recognition with ultrasound. Synthesis of fingerprints. Ultrasonic technology: transducer, electronics. R&D in biometric and acoustics. NDT. Oscilloscope cards. Pulser&Receiver Amplifier

ccd ultrasound camera fingerprint biometric identification dactyloscopy ndt transducer tomographic recognition tomography holography image processing oscilloscope card access control ultrasonic ultrasonography wave ut non-destructive testing acoustics propagation phase vibration measurement pulser receiver short pulse composite distance power chip palm live scan liveness technology mathematical description thickness distance minutiae biometrics air emat pipe testing sonar gear wheel ultrasonic finger recognition chip, scanner for whole hands, livetest, liveness detection, faking fingerprint readers viscosity density 



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